Breakfast & LunchBeverages

Our chefs start the day as the sunrise begins to reveal the beautiful Coffs Harbour coastline.

Fresh baked muffins, bagels, croissants and pastries to begin the day. True breakfast classics ride alongside our house specialities all the way up to 11:30am.


Nuts, seeds, legumes make up creative & adventurous salads, Largely gluten-free and vegan. Of course some naughties. Edgy bruschetta and panini and a specials board to challenge your norm.

In short, a wholesome, delicious fare.

Supply opens its doors Monday through Sunday & when the clocks ticks 10am, you’ve got the below to choose from!

You’re welcome



Our cocktails are unique, not only for the enlightening concoctions, but because they are available all day from 10am! 

SUPPY Espresso Martini 15.0

Massif Espresso, Mr Black Liquer, Brookies Macadamia, Vodka

Mexican Mule 15.0

Reposado Tequila, Ginger Beer, Lime, Mint

Equal parts delicious and cheeky 

Negroni 15.0

Brookies Dry Gin, Regal Rouge Vermouth, Okar Native Australian Botanicals, Soda & Orange 

Aperol Spritz 14.0

Classic Aperol & Prosecco

Mary 14.0

Smoked Vodka, Spiced tomato juice, paprika, Worcestershire, basil, celery* Not as Bloody as it is balanced. A fresher, lighter take on the midday cocktail *(vegan and gluten free)

Miss Mary 10.5

The mocktail version of Mary(served without the Vodka)
*(vegan and gluten free)

‘Roast, cup, assess, repeat’

It’s what we do every day and we love the hell out of it.

Explore our espresso blends and single origin coffees in our online store or pick up a bag at the cafe to brew your own coffee at home.

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